Reto D. Schatz

Since the dawn of human kind Form has been an esthetic preoccupation, the form suggests, inviting to an equilibrium between freedom and necessity, between fantasy and reason.
The Form is at the roots of Art

Visual perception
The formal radicality of esthesism
The abstraction found in nature
are some elements guiding my artistic exploration. Whatever state of development, the form, or the lack thereof, has, when imbued by the human imprint the power to move

Every action, be it within the dialogue with another Human Being or in the realisation of a visual space has a creative or destructive potential power.Hence a spiritual meaning. In a world searching for values, giving a spiritual visibility to the form is quite a challenge in so far that it implies respect, humility and dignity in the relation with Man, Nature and Matter

My sculptures can therefore be seen as some sort of mirror expressed through the dynamic
relationhip between the media I use and the form

Aged 35, (in 1991) I went to the United States (NY) in order to acquaint myself with Rudolf Steiner's work. Inspired by his philosophy of the Human Being and his ability to transmit his message in an true occidental way, I started Anthroposophical studies as well as sculpture classes during 2 years. Afterwards different stays on other continents (Thailand, Australia, Philippines, Russia) allowed me to deepen my knowledge of Art and Man and search over the impact art and form in particular have on the human soul

My sculptures touch you? far better than words I invite you to a dialogue with my work and thank you for your visit.